Basic Computer Hygiene Tips at Home

Basic Computer Hygiene Tips at Home

February 25, 2021

Keep Your Software Up to Date 
Companies regularly release new updates to their software. They fix weaknesses in their systems so they are better protected. Most software can be enabled to update automatically. Both Windows and Mac provide resources to help you. Remember to update your browser as well!

Use Strong Passwords
There are many strategies to help you create passwords and protect them. Some basic tips are: use different passwords for different accounts, use long passwords (recommendations range from 12 to 16 characters), and use a password manager. 2 For increased security, consider using two-factor authentication.

Password Protect Your Home Network
Your home router and network are the access points to all your internet traffic. To help keep them secure, the same concepts apply: use a strong password, limit access, and keep your software/firmware up to date. 3 And, when you are away from home, refrain from using public networks to keep your devices better protected.


The information provided is general and educational in nature. Please consult an IT expert for your specific needs.


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