At the heart of my mission as a financial advisor is the genuine desire to make a meaningful difference in people's lives. Growing up on a dairy farm in western New York, I learned the values of responsibility, problem-solving, and assisting others. My parents' dedication to hard work, their journey to success, and their commitment to uplifting our community deeply influenced my approach. This approach continues today under the guidance of my daughter Stephanie who became the owner of Seasons in 2020.

For me and the rest of our team at Seasons, the true measure of a client is not their wealth or societal status, but their appreciation for the guidance and assistance we offer. It's about helping individuals make the most of their resources, regardless of their starting point.

My greatest joy comes from witnessing clients achieve their life goals, whether it's a dream vacation, quality education, a secure home, or a comfortable retirement. I believe effective financial advisors are not just good with numbers but also skilled at understanding each person's unique relationship with money.

With over 70 years of life experience, I bring more than knowledge; I offer wisdom. From my rural upbringing to navigating complex estate taxes, I've seen it all. My perspective, honed over four decades in financial services, can guide clients through these challenges. Ultimately, my goal is to help clients achieve financial success and confidence, no matter their age or circumstances.


LPL Financial Advisor + Founder