Our first step is about getting to know you. We start with an Initial Consult Questionnaire customized to help us learn who you are and your money story. We ask questions about your investment history, your future goals, and your unique values and beliefs. We are looking to find out where are you now and where you want to go next, and if we can provide the partnership you need to get there.


Based on your responses, we will match you up with one of our financial advisors for a 30-minute phone call. During this initial consult, our advisors get acquainted with you to learn your distinctive experiences, values, and goals. You will be able to ask questions and learn about who we are and the services we offer. Our goal for the initial consult is to determine if we might be a good fit based on what we offer and your needs.


If our initial conversation feels like a good fit, we'll take the next step. We’ll schedule a comprehensive meeting at our office or by Zoom where we dig into the specifics of your financial situation, goals, risk tolerance, and investment preferences. To make the most of our meeting, we ask that you provide key information—current investment statements, life insurance policies, tax statements, household budget, estate planning documents, and any near/long terms goals—beforehand. Having this Document Checklist in advance allows us to analyze and chart a financial roadmap. In your first meeting, we can then review and tailor your plan.


A detailed financial plan is developed, outlining the recommended investment strategy, budgeting and cash flow management, insurance analysis, retirement planning, tax strategies, and estate considerations. Other plan details may include education funding, debt management, social security benefit analysis, and charitable giving strategies. Since your financial situation is as unique as you are, we keep your specific needs, aspirations, and comfort levels at the forefront. Whether it's a dream vacation, home ownership, or retirement, we're here to help you pursue what matters most.


The first meeting typically takes one to one and half hours and is preferably in-person at our office. If meeting in-person is not possible, we offer Zoom meetings for our clients living out-of-area or with challenging schedules. Our team will present a strategy where we review your financial picture together. This meeting provides an excellent opportunity to ask questions about your plan or to make adjustments. Once you feel confident we have created the right plan for you, we will outline how to put it into action.


In this step, we prepare paperwork to establish accounts and facilitate transfers, getting your financial house in order. Our team of highly trained staff will work with you to ensure the process is as smooth as possible. Your completed Client Profile Questionnaire is used to build your accounts and preferences. Staff will follow up to make sure you have the account features you want, like banking instructions, online access, and third-party permissions (spouse, CPA, attorney). Once everything is in order, we will reach out to schedule your first client review meeting.


Once we've put your initial plan into action, we'll keep an eye on your progress toward your financial goals. Our standard review schedule is meeting at least twice a year. In-between our scheduled reviews, we are available to you for questions by phone or email. We'll be by your side, prepared to make any necessary adjustments in response to shifts in your financial objectives, market conditions, or estate planning and tax laws. Our mission is to provide you with guidance each step of the way on your financial journey.


We operate on a fee-based compensation structure, primarily earning our income through advisory fees. However, it's worth noting that on certain occasions, we may also receive compensation through commissions, typically associated with specific financial products or transactions. Our commitment is to always act in your best interest, and we are transparent about our compensation methods. This ensures that our recommendations are driven by your financial needs and objectives rather than the potential for commissions. We believe in full disclosure and transparency in all aspects of our client relationships.


For new clients, our investment minimum is $150,000 per household and $25,000 per account. Our primary objective is to ensure that our clients and our firm are a mutually beneficial fit. We believe that a successful partnership is built on alignment and understanding of financial goals and expectations. By carefully assessing each client's financial situation, objectives, and risk tolerance, we can determine if our services and expertise are well-suited to their needs. This approach helps us tailor our strategies and recommendations to create a meaningful and productive partnership. Our focus is on building a relationship that not only serves your financial interests but also enhances our ability to provide value and support throughout your financial journey.

While we wish we could help everyone, we are unable to provide and maintain our high standards of service for smaller accounts. We offer free educational resources through our blog, newsletter, and seminars & webinars. We encourage you to reach out to us if you would like to be added to our newsletter and/or seminars & webinars email lists.


Our communication strategy is designed to keep you well-informed and connected. Personal meetings are at the heart of our client engagement approach, where our financial advisors discuss customized investment strategies and address your specific concerns. The standard review cycle is twice a year, though we make adjustments depending on need. For example, a client presiding over a complicated estate may require several meetings in a specific timeframe. While a young client just starting on their financial journey, may be able to stay on track with one meeting.

Our blogs and emails serve as valuable tools to provide ongoing updates and learnings between meetings. We also offer a quarterly newsletter, featuring a comprehensive overview of market insights, analysis, and company news. This approach ensures that you have a holistic view of your investments and reinforces our commitment to transparency and your financial success.